Server-Side Rendering (SSR)

As Vue handles the template rendering client-side, you might want to enable SSR to improve the SEO score of your application. Splade uses the SSR functionality in the Laravel Vite plugin.

If you've used the automatic installer, everything is ready for you, and you can start the server almost immediately. However, if you need to set up SSR manually, check out the section below on preparing your app for SSR.

Build and start the SSR Server

First, enable SSR in the Laravel configuration via the SPLADE_SSR_ENABLED environment variable:


By running npm run build, Vite will build the SSR entry point and save it at bootstrap/ssr/ssr.js. Now you can use node to start the server. Note that in earlier versions of Splade, the file was generated as ssr.mjs.

node bootstrap/ssr/ssr.js

By default, it starts on port 9000, but you may choose another port. Don't forget to update the port in the splade.php configuration file.

node bootstrap/ssr/ssr.js --port=4242

If you create a daemon that runs the server, don't forget to restart it after every deployment.

Blade Fallback

If you have problems running the server or whenever it crashes, Splade can fall back to the rendered Blade content. Of course, you should always prefer the rendered content by the SSR server, but it’s nice to have a fallback. This way, search engine crawlers won’t index an empty page.

This feature is enabled by default but can be disabled in the splade.php configuration file.

Manual installation

In the resources/js folder, you need to create an ssr.js file with the following content.

import { createServer } from "http";
import { createSSRApp } from "vue";
import { renderToString } from "@vue/server-renderer";
import { renderSpladeApp, SpladePlugin, startServer } from "@protonemedia/laravel-splade";
startServer(createServer, renderToString, (props) => {
return createSSRApp({
render: renderSpladeApp(props)

You must add this file to the laravel plugin of the vite.config.js file:

export default defineConfig({
plugins: [
ssr: "resources/js/ssr.js",

Lastly, you need to update the build script of the package.json file:

"scripts": {
"build": "vite build && vite build --ssr"