First, I want to thank Patricio for reaching out and showing me the idea of mixing Blade and Vue components. I've worked with renderless templates in Vue 2, but it absolutely blew my mind when he demoed the Render-component. He was generous enough to find time for a brainstorming call and elaborate his thoughts on it.

I'm a massive fan of Inertia.js, and tons of Splade features and implementations were copied or inspired by Inertia.js. So a huge thanks to Jonathan and Claudio for coming up with the idea and maintaining the project.

Then I'd like to thank Caleb for his work on Alpine.js, a modern, minimal JavaScript framework. You'll also find that some patterns were hugely inspired by it. Two other projects I should mention are Wire Elements by Philo and Momentum Modal by Boris. Both were tremendously helpful while implementing the Modal feature in Splade.

And lastly, I need to thank Taylor and the rest of the Laravel team for bringing us the best web application framework we've ever seen. To make Splade look familiar to developers, I've based most of the frontend-boilerplate on Jetstream.