X-Splade-Radio Component

The Radio Component behaves the same as checkboxes, except the show-errors attribute defaults to false as you almost always want to wrap multiple radio elements in a x-splade-group.

You can group checkbox and radio elements on the same horizontal row by adding an inline attribute.

<x-splade-group name="notification_channel" label="Preferred notification channel" inline>
<x-splade-radio name="notification_channel" value="mail" label="Mail" />
<x-splade-radio name="notification_channel" value="slack" label="Slack" />

If you still want to show validation errors on the Radio component, you can use the show-errors attribute:

<x-splade-radio name="theme" value="dark" label="Dark theme" :show-errors="true" />
<x-splade-radio name="theme" value="light" label="Light theme" :show-errors="true" />

X-Splade-Radios Component

You can shorten and rewrite the example above with the x-splade-radios component that automatically renders the group and radios based on a key-value array. This component behaves similarly to the select component.

<x-splade-radios name="notification_channel" label="Preferred notification channel" :options="$channels" />