X-Splade-Checkbox Component

The Checkbox Component has a default value of true, but you may customize it with the value attribute:

<x-splade-checkbox name="newsletter" value="1" label="Subscribe to newsletter" />

The default true value works great if you use the boolean type Attribute Casting in Eloquent Models. Accordingly, the unchecked value is false, but you may customize it with the false-value attribute:

<x-splade-checkbox name="newsletter" value="yes" false-value="no" label="Subscribe to newsletter" />

If you have a fieldset of multiple checkboxes, you can group them with the x-splade-group component. A group is a great way to handle the validation of arrays. If you disable the errors on the individual checkboxes, it will show the validation errors once. The group component has a show-errors attribute that defaults to true.

<x-splade-group name="tags" label="Pick one or more interests">
<x-splade-checkbox name="tags[]" :show-errors="false" value="laravel" label="Laravel" />
<x-splade-checkbox name="tags[]" :show-errors="false" value="tailwindcss" label="Tailwind" />

X-Splade-Checkboxes Component

You can shorten and rewrite the example above with the x-splade-checkboxes component that automatically renders the group and checkboxes based on a key-value array. This component behaves similarly to the select component.

<x-splade-checkboxes name="tags" label="Pick one or more interests" :options="$tags" />

Eloquent Relationships

Just like the select component, there's built-in support for BelongsToMany and MorphToMany relationships. To utilize this feature, you must add the relation attributes to the checkbox or checkboxes element.

In the example below, you can attach one or more tags to the video. Using the relation attribute will correctly retrieve the selected options (attached tags) from the database.

<x-splade-form :default="$video">
<x-splade-checkboxes name="tags" label="Tags" :options="$tags" relation />