Model Binding Attributes

When using Form Components, only the attributes used in the form are passed to the frontend. This applies to Fluent and Model instances that you pass to the form. You may disable this behavior by using the unguarded attribute on the form.

<x-splade-form :default="$user" unguarded>
<x-splade-input name="email" placeholder="Email address" />

Instead of fully unguarding the form, you may specify which attributes to unguard. You can do this with an array or string.

<x-splade-form ... unguarded="name" />
<x-splade-form ... unguarded="name, email" />
<x-splade-form ... :unguarded="['name', 'email']" />

If you want forms to be unguarded by default, you may use the static defaultUnguarded on the Form class, for example, in the AppServiceProvider class:

use ProtoneMedia\Splade\Components\Form;

Alternatively, you may specify when a form should be guarded based on the bound resource.

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use ProtoneMedia\Splade\Components\Form;
Form::guardWhen(function ($resource) {
return $resource instanceof Model;

Also, check out the Transformers section.