X-Splade-Group Component

With the Group Component, you can group checkboxes and radio elements. You can use the inline attribute to arrange the children horizontally. Like other components, the component also supports the label and name attributes.

You often don't want to show validation errors on each radio element, so the validation errors are hidden by default on the <x-splade-radio> component. Instead, you can use the Group component to show the error just once.

<x-splade-form :default="$settings">
<x-splade-group label="Choose a theme" name="theme" inline>
<x-splade-radio name="theme" value="dark" label="Dark theme" />
<x-splade-radio name="theme" value="light" label="Light theme" />
<x-splade-checkbox name="newsletter" label="Do you want to receive my newsletter?" />
<x-splade-checkbox name="terms" label="Do you agree with the terms?" />