X-Splade-Wysiwyg Component

The Wysiwyg Component provides an integration for Jodit Editor 3. Since Jodit's stylesheet is quite large, it is not included in the Splade bundle by default. You may include it in your application by adding jodit.css to your main app.js file:

import "./bootstrap";
import "../css/app.css";
import "@protonemedia/laravel-splade/dist/style.css";
import "@protonemedia/laravel-splade/dist/jodit.css";
import { createApp } from "vue/dist/vue.esm-bundler.js";
import { renderSpladeApp, SpladePlugin } from "@protonemedia/laravel-splade";

Then you may use the component:

<x-splade-wysiwyg name="biography" />


You can instantiate Jodit with a custom set of options by passing a JavaScript object to the jodit attribute. To pass a PHP array, you may use the :jodit attribute (note the colon).

<x-splade-wysiwyg name="biography" jodit="{ showXPathInStatusbar: true }" />
<x-splade-wysiwyg name="biography" :jodit="['showXPathInStatusbar' => true]" />

Default settings

Suppose you want to specify a default set of options for all Jodit instances. In that case, you may use the static defaultJoditOptions method on the Wysiwyg class, for example, in the AppServiceProvider class:

use ProtoneMedia\Splade\Components\Form\Wysiwyg;
'showXPathInStatusbar' => true,